Michael J. DeHaemer, Principal Investigator, Director
Geoffrey M. Holdridge, Staff Director and JTEC/WTEC Series Editor
Bobby A. Williams, Assistant Director
Catrina M. Foley, Secretary
Aminah Batta, Editorial Assistant

Cecil Uyehara, Senior Consultant for Japan Operations
Advance Work in Japan also performed by:
Alan Engel, ISTA, Inc.
M. Gene Lim, SEAM International

Advance Work in Europe performed by American Trade Initiatives, Inc.

Advance Work in Russia and Ukraine performed by
American Trade Initiatives, Inc. in cooperation with:
Oleg Lozinsky of the International Integration Association,
Oleg Shevjakov of InterHealth, Inc.,
the USSR Nuclear Society,
and Vladimir Andreev of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences

George Gamota
Mitre Institute, the Mitre Corporation
Senior Technical Advisor to JTEC/WTEC

International Technology Research Institute at Loyola College

R. D. Shelton, Director

Special thanks are due to Arnett J. Holloway, Patricia N. Rogers,
and Robert Hatcher, who edited previous editions of the Program Summary.

Published: March 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian