It is a distinct pleasure to deliver to our readers this summary of studies and a report of recent activities at the Japanese Technology Evaluation Center (JTEC) and the World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC). Briefly stated, the mission for JTEC/WTEC has been to inform R&D policymakers in government, industry and academe concerning the current status and trends in high technology abroad. To that end we are happy to report the completion of five studies in 1993 and progress on five more, which will be published soon.

By all measures, the JTEC/WTEC program has achieved significant improvement in dissemination in the past year, generating more public interest in the results of its studies. The increasing attention being paid to JTEC and WTEC studies in the industrial research and manufacturing communities is evidenced by their growing representation among our workshop attendees (now about fifty percent) and by their requests for copies of the reports. Over a thousand persons attended JTEC/WTEC workshops in the time period covered by this summary, and over a thousand more have heard secondary presentations of study results in other forums. In addition, 5,000 full reports and 4,000 executive summary reports have been distributed. In calendar year 1993, 33 expert panelists visited eleven different nations to research the state of the world's high technologies.

It was exciting in three of these studies to observe the excellence of science and engineering in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and to have active participation in our workshops by 11 outstanding scientific representatives of those countries. Many opportunities for international cooperation were brought to light in these and other studies.

The JTEC/WTEC program owes appreciation to numerous people for their support of the past year's activities -- Paul Herer and many others at the National Science Foundation, sponsors from numerous agencies, superb panelists who contributed the quality information, and an excellent staff, led by Geoff Holdridge, that published and distributed about 1.5 million pages. Special thanks are due to Duane Shelton, currently director of the International Technology Research Institute, who brought the JTEC/WTEC organization up to operational speed and passed it over to me in early 1993.

I hope that you will find value in this information and will offer us your suggestions for the future course of JTEC and WTEC.

Michael J. DeHaemer
Director, Principal Investigator

Published: March 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian