In addition to the Loyola staff, ITRI depends on the services of a number of other contributors to the program. These people provide assistance and advice to the program through subcontracts.

Dr. George Gamota, Senior Advisor to JTEC/WTEC, is the Director of the Mitre Institute, the Mitre Corporation. His experience includes senior R&D positions in industry, academia and government. He was Director for Defense Research in the Carter Administration. He has also served as Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute of Science and Technology at the University of Michigan, and, prior to that, as a Research Scientist at Bell Laboratories.

Mr. Cecil Uyehara of Uyehara International Associates and Mr. Gene Lim of SEAM International provide advance work in Japan under contract to JTEC. Mr. Joseph Conn, Mr. John Mikula, and Mr. Henry Gillen of American Trade Initiatives, Inc. provide advance services in Europe and the former Soviet Union. Finally, Arnett Holloway and Karen Hagerman are currently providing manuscript editing services.


Paul Herer, Senior Advisor for Planning and Technology Assessment in NSF's Engineering Directorate, is in charge of the JTEC/WTEC program at NSF. The 15 JTEC and WTEC studies active in 1992 and 1993 also boasted sponsorship by several other programs at NSF and by 11 other branches of the Federal Government. The representatives of these agencies with whom we worked most closely, and who assisted us in defining and organizing the 1992 and 1993 studies, are listed below. Institutional affiliations listed are those that applied at the time of the studies.

Robert Billingsley, Defense Technical Information Center
Norman Caplan, NSF
Y.T. Chien, NSF
Ken Chong, NSF
Joseph Clark, NTIS
Jerry Covert, Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Steven Cross, ARPA
Andrew Crowson, Army Research Office
Ramon DePaula, NASA Headquarters
Christine E. Fisher, Department of Defense
Jillian Evans, NASA Goddard
John Evans, NASA Headquarters
Craig Fields, DARPA
Don Freeburn, Dept. of Energy
Kaigham J. ("Ken") Gabriel, ARPA
Phyllis Genther-Yoshida, Dept. of Commerce
Lance Glasser, ARPA
Frederick Heineken, NSF
Frank Huband, NSF
George Jordy, Dept. of Energy
Tom Kusuda, Dept. of Commerce
Charles Lee, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Marshall Lih, NSF
Louis Martin-Vega, NSF
Paul Maupin, Dept. of Energy
Henry McGee Jr., NSF
David McLaine, Wright Patterson Air Force Base
James McMichael, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Howard Moraff, NSF
Nicholas Naclerio, ARPA
David Nelson, Dept. of Energy
Emily Rudin, NSF
Linton Salmon, NSF
David Slobodin, ARPA
Marko Slusarczuk, DARPA
Charles Stuart, ARPA
Dick Urban, ARPA
Charles Wayne, DARPA
Gio Wiederhold, ARPA


In addition to the funding sponsors listed above, JTEC and WTEC studies also included non-funding participation by 10 other Federal agencies and private institutions, as indicated in Table 30. The individuals named in the table participated in foreign site visits for the listed studies, but were neither sponsors nor panel members. Funding from their parent organizations was in most cases limited to support for their travel with the panel. However, in many cases the participation of these people was an invaluable addition to the study, both for their unique institutional perspectives and for the many excellent site reports they contributed to our final reports.

Other Organizations and Individuals Participating in JTEC/WTEC Studies
1992 and 1993

[table 30]


JTEC and WTEC panelists are also chosen for their unique backgrounds, with a view to achieving a balance of institutional perspectives in the panel membership. The following list of panelists from JTEC and WTEC studies active between 1992 and February of 1994 demonstrates the extent to which we have achieved this balance in the past two years.

JTEC Panel on Machine Translation in Japan

Jaime Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon University (Co-Chair)
Elaine Rich, MCC (Co-Chair)
David E. Johnson, IBM Research
Masaru Tomita, Carnegie Mellon University
Yorick Wilks, New Mexico State University
Muriel Vasconcellos, Pan American Health Organization

JTEC Panel on Database Use and Technology in Japan

Gio Wiederhold, Stanford University (Chair)
Nick Farmer, Chemical Abstracts Service
Charles Bourne, Dialog
Sushil Jajodia, George Mason University
Toshimi Minoura, Oregon State University
Diane C.P. Smith, Xerox Corporation
John Miles Smith, Digital Equipment Corporation
David Beech, Oracle Corporation

JTEC Panel on Bioprocess Engineering in Japan

Daniel Wang, MIT (Chair)
Arthur E. Humphrey, Lehigh University
Michael R. Ladisch, Purdue University
Stuart E. Builder, Genentech, Inc.
Stephen W. Drew, Merck & Co.
Alfred Goldberg, Harvard Medical School
Randolph Hatch, Aaston, Inc.
Duane F. Bruley, University of Maryland

JTEC Panel on Display Technologies in Japan

Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr., Tannas Electronics (Co-Chair)
William E. Glenn, Florida Atlantic University (Co-Chair)
Malcolm Thompson, Xerox Corporation
Thomas Credelle, Apple Computer
William Doane, Kent State University
Arthur H. Firester, David Sarnoff Research Ctr.

JTEC Panel on Material Handling in Japan

Edward H. Frazelle, Georgia Institute of Technology (Co-Chair)
Dick Ward, Material Handling Industry (Co-Chair)
James M. Apple Jr., Coopers & Lybrand
Alvin R. Voss, IBM
Glenn Petrina, Defense Logistics Agency
Howard A. Zollinger, Zollinger Associates, Inc.

JTEC Panel on Separation Technologies in Japan

C. Judson King, University of California at Berkeley (Chair)
George E. Keller II, Union Carbide Corporation
H.S. Muralidhara, Cargill
Milton E. Wadsworth, University of Utah
William Eykamp, Consultant
Edward L. Cussler, University of Minnesota

JTEC Panel on Knowledge-Based Systems in Japan

Professor Edward Feigenbaum, Stanford University (Chair)
Penny Nii, Stanford University
Peter E. Friedland, NASA Ames Research Center
Herbert Schorr, University of Southern California
Howard Shrobe, MIT
Bruce B. Johnson, Andersen Consulting
Robert Engelmore, Stanford University (Editor)

NASA/NSF Panel on Satellite Communications Systems and Technology

Joseph N. Pelton, University of Colorado (Co-Chair)
Burton I. Edelson, George Washington University (Co-Chair)
Neil R. Helm, George Washington University
William T. Brandon, Mitre Corporation
Charles W. Bostian, Virginia Tech
Vincent W.S. Chan, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
E. Paul Hager, George Mason University
Christoph E. Mahle, COMSAT Laboratories
Edward F. Miller, NASA Lewis Research Center
A. Landis Riley, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Robert K. Kwan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Raymond Jennings, National Telecommunications and Information Agency

WTEC Study on Instrumentation, Control, and Safety Systems of Canadian Nuclear Facilities

Robert E. Uhrig, Oak Ridge National Laboratory & the University of Tennessee
Richard J. Carter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

JTEC Panel on Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Polymer Composite Structures in Japan

Dick J. Wilkins, University of Delaware (Chair)
Moto Ashizawa, Ashizawa Associates Composites Engineering
Jon B. DeVault, ARPA
Vistasp M. Karbhari, University of Delaware
Joseph S. McDermott, Consultant
Dee R. Gill, McDonnell Aircraft

WTEC Panel on Research Submersibles and Undersea Technologies in Finland, France, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom

Richard J. Seymour, Texas A&M University (Chair)
D. Richard Blidberg, Northeastern University
Claude P. Brancart, Draper Laboratories
Larry L. Gentry, Lockheed Missiles & Space Co., Inc.
Algis N. Kalvaitis, NOAA
Michael J. Lee, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
John B. Mooney Jr., USN (Ret.)
Don Walsh, International Maritime, Inc.

Civil Engineering Research Foundation (CERF) Task Force on European
Constructed Civil Infrastructure Systems and R&D
(WTEC Panelists Only)

Richard L. Tucker, Construction Industry Institute (WTEC Chair)
John Fisher, Lehigh University
J. L. Harrison, Fluor Daniel, Inc.
Victor Li, University of Michigan
Tom Pasko, Federal Highway Administration
Michael Gaus, State University of New York at Buffalo

JTEC Panel on Micro-electro-mechanical Systems in Japan

Kensall Wise, University of Michigan (Chair)
Richard S. Muller, University of California at Berkeley
Henry Guckel, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Joseph M. Giachino, Ford Motor Company
G. Benjamin Hocker, Honeywell, Inc.
Stephen C. Jacobsen, University of Utah

JTEC Panel on Electronic Packaging in Japan

Michael J. Kelly, Georgia Institute of Technology (Chair)
William Boulton, Auburn University
John Kukowski, Rochester Institute of Technology
Gene Meieran, Intel Corporation
Michael Pecht, University of Maryland
John Peeples, NCR
Rao Tummala, Georgia Institute of Technology

WTEC Panel on Advanced Display Technologies in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

William Doane, Kent State University (Chair)
Patricia Cladis, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Chris Curtin, Silicon Video, Inc.
James Larimer, NASA-Ames Research Center
Marko Slusarczuk, USP Holdings, Inc.
Jan Talbot, University of California at San Diego
Zvi Yaniv, Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc.

JTEC Panel on Optoelectronics in the United States and Japan

Stephen Forrest, Princeton University (Chair)

Published: March 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian