Yet More Alarms from Manufacturing Technology News

I got a free copy of the Feb. 12 issue via email from the editor, Richard McCormack.  I haven’t been subscribing to this newsletter,  since I was too cheap to spring for the $495 per year.  This issue convinces me that I have to subscribe, since it covers “Innovation, Globalization, and Industrial Competitiveness,”  much the same scope as this blog.  For example, some of the articles this time were:

1. US Becomes a Bit Player in Global Semiconductor Industry. 

2. Obama Puts International Comparison Program on Chopping Block

3. NIST’s Chief Economist: US Needs a New Direction

4. US Government Finds Thousands of Fake Parts in DOD Supply Chains

5. First Time Ever: [DOD] QDR Addresses Decline of US Industrial Base

All of these articles document decline of American S&T.  For example the first one reports the shocking statistic that in 2009 the US started construction of one (1) semiconductor fabrication (fab) plant in 2009.  The PRC started six (6), Taiwan five (5), then next was the EU, Korea, Japan, and the US, all with one (1) each.  Further, China considers Taiwan to also be its turf, and they are already de facto one and the same in the IT sector.   Thus Greater China started more than twice as many fabs as the rest of the world put together–and eleven times that of the US alone, which invented this business, of course.

R. D. Shelton