The President’s FY2011 Budget for S&T

Despite his call for cuts in discretionary spending, President Obama has proposed substantial increases in the research budgets of some S&T agencies.  These increases based on the regular FY2010 budget are:

NSF +8.2% to $6.02 billion

DOE Office of Science +4.4% to $5.12 billion

NIST +13.5% to $0.58 billion

DOD basic (6.1) +6.2% to $2.00 billion

DOD applied (6.2) research -11.6% to $4.48 billion

I got these bottom line figures from the FYI newsletter from the American Physical Society.

The AAAS will track the R&D budget as it goes through a maze of Congressional actions.  The Congress has its own ideas, and along about October 1, 2010 when the budget is supposed to take effect, they will send a final budget bill to the President to sign (or veto).

R. D. Shelton