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** BioManufacturing R&D: An International Perspective

What’s the next big thing in replaceable body parts?

Cyborgs are trending from science fiction to reality shows. People with superior artificial parts have been fantasies since at least the popular 1970s sitcom, the Six Million Dollar Man, and many films that explore the possibilities. Now science fact is rapidly catching up with science fiction.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could buy spare parts for your body, just as you do for your car? Researchers around the world are pursuing this dream, and are making great progress. More and more spare parts are already being used to help patients recover from burns, bum knees, and even failure of whole organs. While artificial organ transplants are now limited to relatively simple ones like bladders, researchers are working on much more ambitious goals like kidneys, livers, and even hearts. (Brains are not included! Yet.)

Some of America’s top experts on the exciting new field of bio manufacturing recently visited the some of the best labs in Europe and Asia to bring back good ideas. They will present their results at a workshop on November 5, and you can attend for free. Just go to http://www.tvworldwide.com/events/nsf/141105/ to register.  Or you can call 410-691-1579.

About WTEC:

The World Technology Evaluation Center is the nation’s leading organization in conducting international technology assessments via peer review. WTEC has conducted over 70 such studies since 1989 under grants from a variety of Federal agencies. For more information, visit WTEC.

For more information: Ms. Patricia Foland, Vice President for International Operations, WTEC, pfoland@scienceus.org, Phone: 410-691-1579.


R. D. Shelton