Science Progress Magazine

“Science Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress, is a magazine specifically designed to improve public understanding of science and technology and to showcase exciting, progressive ideas about the many ways in which government and citizens can leverage innovation for the common good. Since its inception in the fall of 2007 (read the opening editorial), Science Progress has helped shape the conversation about our country’s investment in science.”

This on-line magazine has paper version and a blog version.  It mostly reports on discoveries and innovations, rather than policy.  Its main theme to highlight S&T progress in a positive way.  The parent, Center for American Progress, promotes a progressive political agenda.  This year their emphasis is on:  

  • Restoring America’s global leadership to make America more secure and build a better world.
  • Seizing the energy opportunity to create a clean, innovation-led economy that supports a sustainable environment.
  • Creating progressive growth that’s robust and widely shared, and restoring economic opportunity for all.
  • Delivering universal health care so that quality, affordable health services are available to all Americans.

I like it; you may not.  It’s a political thing.

 R. D. Shelton