** June 2, 2015 Workshop on Nanomodular Materials & Systems by Design

The study is on design and assembly of nanoscale materials into useful devices. It uses a case study based on the exciting new two-dimensional materials like graphene, which are particularly promising for applications in electronics, energy storage, coatings, and other fields.

This study is being conducted by a panel of experts chaired by Pulickel Ajayan from Rice University. Others on the panel include: Kaustav Banerjee (UCSB),
Don Brenner (NCSU), Ahmed Busnaina (Northeastern), Padma Gopalan (Wisconsin), and Charlie Johnson (Penn).  In March the panel visited top labs in Asia–Singapore, China, Japan, and Korea.  In April the team went to Europe–Switzerland, France, Belgium, Ireland, and UK. They also organized a half-dozen workshops abroad to help gather information.

The final workshop will be held at NSF from 8AM to 4PM, in Room 1235, the boardroom of the National Science Board. There is more information at http://wtec.org/nmsd  The workshop will also be webcast and archived for later viewing at http://www.tvworldwide.com/events/nsf/150602/



R. D. Shelton