Maintaining U.S. Scientific Leadership: English and Immigrants are the Immediate Needs

This posting at Science Progress is ancient history in blogging terms. But wait! Why do the value of blogs have to be measured in days?  It’s true that my favorites, the Huffington Post and Wonkette, report on current events, but the blog medium is supposed to be an on-line journal of some lasting value.  Indeed, search engines find older posts even easier than new.  This short essay is just as true today as when it was written a couple of years ago.

Dr. R. O. Lempert of GWU has provided a thoughtful analysis of why the US is declining (relatively) in science, and he has some good ideas about how to deal with that decline. Others have also pointed out the critical need to maintain the flow of the immigrants who bolster our science and technology. I hadn’t previously thought, however, of the need to encourage the continued use of English as the language of science.

R. D. Shelton