Chinese News Media in the US / Article on Chinese Science Progress

This site could be interesting for those Americans who don’t get enough propaganda from their free cable TV channel CCTV-9.  It is a very slick online news site in ten languages.  In honor of the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s takeover in China they ran this slideshow with photos of top Chinese science accomplishments since then.  BTW, four of the seven slides were on military feats: nuclear bombs, ICBMs, etc.  They say,

“Since its foundation in 1949, the People’s Republic of China has made unceasing efforts to develop science and technology – which former leader Deng Xiaoping regarded as “primary productive forces”. Over the past 60 years, the Chinese people have successfully integrated scientific and technical progress with economic development. The following photos highlight China’s key accomplishments in various research  fields.”

You might also be interested in what Wikipedia has to say about CCTV.   It’s  a government run propaganda outlet, like the Voice of America, but I’ll bet the Chinese don’t allow the Voice of America on their cable networks. They censor everything, even Google searches.  I’m sorry to be so undiplomatic, but this is a police state.  Actually, if I wanted to be really undiplomatic, I could have run their photo of their H-bomb blast. which is clearly designed for use in a neighborhood near you.

 If you’d like to look at CCTV-9 on your PC, you’re free to do so in America.

R. D. Shelton