China’s Emerging Technological Edge

This new Cambridge University Press book focuses on the rapid growth of S&T personnel in China–in quantity and quality. If you don’t have your reading glasses, its exact title is China’s Technological Edge: Assessing the Role of High-End Talent. Here’s a review by Adam Segel:

‘Exploiting a wide range of primary and secondary sources, Denis Fred Simon and Cong Cao have produced an extensively researched, finely argued, and methodologically sophisticated study of science and engineering talent in China. This book will be a critical resource for all those in business, academia, and the policy making community who wish to better understand China’s ability to develop and foster innovation.’ Adam Segal, Council on Foreign Relations.

Sounds interesting to me. The influential Rising Above the Gathering Storm report was criticised over its stats on Chinese HR, and I’ll bet these folks have more data.  I’ll have to surf over to Amazon and buy a copy.

R. D. Shelton

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