AAAS Data on NSF FY2010 Budget

As reviewed in the previous post, we can now predict what the NSF budget will be for this fiscal year: Oct. 1, 2009 to Sept. 30, 2010, called FY2010.  There are very small differences between the House and Senate versions to be reconciled, and they usually just split the differences.  The President will almost certainly sign the bill, so forecasting this future doesn’t require a crystal ball.

For example the total budget in FY2009 was $6.5 billion, not counting the one-off ARRA $3 billion NSF got this year.  The House bill increases this by 6.9% and the Senate one by 6.6%, so let’s guess 6.75%, bringing the overall NSF budget to a little more than $6.9 billion.

The component for research was $4.8 billion in FY2009, and is likely to increase by about 7.6%.  Drilling down to the Engineering Directorate, the FY2009 budget was $693 million, and the likely increase is 8.25%, or an increase of $57 million, a tidy sum.

Enough,  I have to take the kids to school.  You can do this as easily as I can for other parts of the budget.  BTW, the giant DOD budget has also passed both House and Senate.

R. D. Shelton

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  1. R. D. Shelton

    The omnibus appropriations bill has been completed by Congress and sent to the President, who is expected to sign it. It calls for the 6.75% increase for NSF predicted in the Nov. 12 posting. Am I a prophet, or what?

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