AAAS Analysis: R&D Budget Nears Completion

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has an S&T policy program that performs a very useful service in tracking the budget development for R&D in the Federal agencies.  A concise summary is in their table of the 12 bills that make up the overall budget of the U.S. Government.

At this writing, only four of the bills have completely made their way out of this maze and been signed by the President.  Since the fiscal year (FY2010) started on October 1, most of the Government is operating under a continuing resolution until the others are completed.

Unlike the waning years of the last administration, when President Bush could and did veto appropriations bills passed by a Congress controlled by his opposition , there is little prospect that President Obama will overturn the remaining bills.

One bill that has now passed both House and Senate, the “CJS” bill for Commerce, Justice, and Science, funds the NSF, NIST, and NASA, which have a big piece of the R&D pie.  While there are still some small differences between the two versions that have to be reconciled in conference, we can now predict some numbers for these agencies.  A separate post will summarize the situation for NSF, as an example.

R. D. Shelton