A British Plan for S&T

Thanks to a tip from Tracy Wilson, here is another take on what to do about globalization of S&T.

 The Scientific Century: Securing Our National Prosperity

“It distils two urgent messages. The first is the need to place science and innovation at the heart of the UK’s long-term strategy for economic growth. The second is the fierce competitive challenge we face from countries which are investing at a scale and speed that we may struggle to match. Put science and innovation at the heart if a strategy for long-term economic growth;

  1. Prioritise investment in excellent people;
  2. Strengthen Government’s use of science;
  3. Reinforce the UK’s position as a hub for global science and innovation;
  4. Better align science and innovation with global challenges;
  5. Revitalise science and mathematics education. “


R. D. Shelton