Innovation in Global Industries: US Firms Competing in a New World

After reading this essay, it is feasible to say that the only hope for resurrecting American S&T leadership lies in a high-tech Cold War. This approach has worked before when S&T prospered in the USSR and US for 40 years. Visualizing this scenario quickly brings one to the realization, as Augustine points out, that the economic and manufacturing base to support a Cold War defensive position is being rapidly hollowed out vis-a-vis the Chinese. If present trends continue, the US may find itself in 2020, like the USSR in 1990, unable to pay for, or make, all the innovative weapon systems necessary to defend itself–even if it can somehow find the Americans able to make those innovations.
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J. Blair

One Response to “Innovation in Global Industries: US Firms Competing in a New World”

  1. shelton says:

    The cited NRC report seems to be more optimistic than J. Blair summarizes here. This report does cite the NRC Rising Above the Gathering Storm report, which does point with alarm.